Tara Vojta steampunk artist in Minnesota

Tara Vojta of Junque In thy Trunk received her BFA in 3-D Art and has taken her knowledge of glass fusing and metal welding to the world of steampunk. She brings together several different media to create unique jewelry as well as garden sculptures and home d├ęcor. Even with the steampunk flair, these pieces fit into any modern lifestyle. 

Her work centers around eclectic industrial elegance. Simplicity and directness of design, choice of materials (often recycled "junque"), honesty of construction and inspiration from her natural surroundings (Minnesota) give her pieces a strong affinity to the early Arts & Crafts jewelry makers of the early 20th Century. 

Tara enjoys the camaraderie and support of the local steampunk creative community. As the founder of SteampunkMN (a place for steampunkers of Minnesota to find all the local steampunk happenings), a member of the DIODES (Dioscurian Imperial Order of Dreamers, Engineers, and Scientists), and the event coordinator of 13 GEARS (an eclectic steampunk event held every year in Minneapolis, MN) she finds herself living a steampunk life. Tara also feels the steampunk community provides her with a circle of creative friends from around the midwest, ready at a moment's notice to give constructive feedback and inspiration. 


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