Tara Vojta, the originator and creator behind Junque In thy Trunk received a BFA in 3-D Art and another in Graphic Design. She has taken her knowledge of glass fusing, metal welding and computer design to the world of costuming and steampunk. She brings together several different media to create unique jewelry, funky accessories and eclectic hats. Even with a steampunk or vintage inspired flair, these pieces fit into any modern lifestyle. 

Her creative work centers around eclectic industrial elegance. Simplicity and directness of design, choice of materials, honesty of construction and inspiration from her natural surroundings give her pieces a strong affinity to the early Arts & Crafts jewelry makers of the early 20th Century but with her own funky twist. 

Tara enjoys the camaraderie and support of her costuming and creative community. She has an excellent circle of festive friends and fellow makers, ready at a moment's notice to give constructive feedback and design inspiration. 

Photo by Michelle Kanealii, 2022

Tara Vojta steampunk artist in Minnesota

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